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U5 Program Details

The Moppet Division (Under 5 or U5s) is divided into separate boys and girls teams. The teams are kept very small 5 or 6 max and play is 3v3. The teams practice and play games on Saturday mornings in a combined 1 hour session. Coaches take their team through a 20 minute practice and then play a 30 minute game within the hour time slot. Players are expected to be part of the practice as well as the game. CJSF will provide a pre-season Coaches Clinic and a Coaching Manual containing a curriculum made up of age appropriate practice activities. All activities are fun games intended to develop players' basic skills and further each child's love for the game. Games are simple with just kick-ins and lots of movement.


Fall registration is June 1 through August 1. Spring registration is January 1 through February 1.
There are two seasons: Fall: September to November; and Spring: March to May.
Length of Season
Fall: 10 weeks
Spring: 8 weeks
One-hour session on Saturdays including a 20 minute practice and 30 minute game against another team.
$155 in Fall; $150 Spring. All players receive new uniforms each fall and spring season.
Games will be 3 v 3 or 4v4 and will be played on a 24 × 18 yard field with small goals.
U5 Rules for Games
  • Size 3 ball, play 4 quarters of 5 min each, 3v3 or 4v4, with a short halftime break.
  • Kick ins only! No throw ins (starts at U8), corner kicks (starts at U6), goal kicks (starts at U6)
  • Substitutions mainly at quarters, halftime, and for injuries.
  • No off sides, (starts at U10). No goalies. No cherry picking or goal tending (standing in front of the goal).
  • One coach from each team on the field, away from play, not in penalty box, and out of the way.
  • No coaches/parents/siblings/fans/dogs behind the goals-please stay on the sideline across from the team.
  • Score is not kept. Standings are not kept.
  • Referees will call the games. Fouls and other stoppages: award the other team the direct free kick.



There are no events at this time.