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Goal Safety

Goal Anchoring Important 

GOALS: PLEASE MAKE SURE THE GOALS ARE ANCHORED WITH SAND BAGS BEFORE YOU PRACTICE OR PLAY A GAME. THERE ARE SAND BAGS AT EACH FIELD. Two bags per goal on the bottom back corners. Exception-the small 4 x 6 snap together goals with red nets used for the U6 and Moppets.

NOTE ON SOCCER GOAL SAFETY, ANCHOR BAGS, WIND, ETC AND WHY IT'S IMPORTANT:  Please make sure goals are anchored with multiple sandbags at ALL times. Always use caution around soccer goals. Do not allow anyone to climb on the posts, hang from the crossbar, or play in the nets. This unapproved play can cause goals to tip over.  High winds or strong wind gusts can cause goals to blow over.  Sandbags/goal anchors should be placed on the back two corners of the goals, and a third sandbag in the middle back of largest goals. Soccer goals can tip over and cause serious injury and sometimes death.

The goals, goal anchors and sandbags are not toys. Do not let children play with them, tear them up, make holes in the sandbags with sticks, or dance on top of sandbags with their cleats.  Everyone needs to check goals to make sure they are anchored, whether playing soccer or not. (NOTE: This does not apply to the U6 and Moppet goals-4x6 size-do not use sandbags on these goals. Do not allow kids to climb on these goals, either.)