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Code of Conduct for Coaches, Players, and Parents--Please read!

Date Posted: 3/27/2017

Charlotte Junior Soccer Foundation
Mission Statement & Code of Conduct

Our main purpose is to introduce and educate children so they have a lifelong love of the game of soccer. The Division Coordinators put the teams together each season with the overall aim of balancing teams by age and skill level in the division. We welcome players from all members of our community and promote diversity within all teams.  We encourage open teams with new members each season, although we do try to accommodate teammate requests whenever possible.

Objectives of the Charlotte Junior Soccer Foundation Recreation League:

  • Teach Soccer Skills
  • Teach & Encourage Good Sportsmanship
  • Create a Fun & Healthy Atmosphere
  • Recreational League Open to All

Important notes regarding Sportsmanship for Coaches and Parents:

Make it fun.  Above all, remember that the emphasis should be on participation, not winning.  We do NOT keep score in the lower divisions (U8 and below) and although we do begin to keep score officially at the U10 Division and older, the game score should be de-emphasized and the coaches are responsible for focusing instead on how the game is played and how the players benefit from their participation in the sport.

Respect the Officials.  Do not get into arguments with referees or other coaches about calls during the games.  The referees will make mistakes, or there will be differences of opinion about whether a correct call was made.  However, this is not important in recreational soccer, and coaches should use such opportunities to demonstrate good sportsmanship and to teach the players that questionable or missed calls are a fact of competitive sports.  If there are controversial situations during the game, respect the calls made by the referees, and if a situation arises where the coaches need to decide how to handle a certain call or play, always rule in favor of the defensive team.

Blow-out Rules - Please follow these guidelines to avoid excessively lopsided games:  If one team gets a four-goal lead during a game, the winning team must remove a player from the field until the margin is reduced to less than four goals.  If the lead continues to increase, the winning team shall remove an extra player on the field for each point above a three-goal lead (for example, if the lead is 5 goals, the winning team must remove 2 players).  Alternatively, the losing team may be allowed to add extra players in lieu of the leading team removing players. In any event, the winning team should take measures as needed to avoid running up the score.  Games decided by a margin of 4 or more goals are NOT conducive to the objectives of Charlotte Junior Soccer.

Sideline Guidelines - Parents and fans should stand on the opposite side of the field from their players and coaches.  Players, parents and spectators must be AT LEAST SIX FEET back from the sidelines.  Coaches should stay 3 feet behind the line.  This will allow the referees to have a better view of sideline calls, and it will make it a lot easier for the coaches to direct their players during the game.  No coaches or fans are permitted behind the goal or the goal line.  (Note – in the U8 Division and below, a coach is allowed on the field to instruct their players.  These guidelines primarily apply to the U10 Division and above.)

Fan Participation - For everyone's benefit, especially the coaches and the players, parents are to refrain from shouting instructions to their children, and under no circumstances should parents or coaches be shouting at the other team’s players or the referees.  When parents do this, it interferes with the coaches’ ability to instruct their team and teach them their own particular way of playing the game.  Parents should limit their noise only to cheers of encouragement for good play, whether by their own team or the opponent.  We recognize that it can be hard for parents (and coaches) to keep from getting caught up in the excitement of the moment, but please encourage them to follow this advice.  Those who have kids in Academy Soccer may have seen this policy in action - it promotes a very positive environment for the players, helps the players stay focused on the directions of their coaches, and enables the coaches to do their jobs without having to scream over the noise.

Finally, noise-makers such as cow-bells, air horns, vuvuzelas, whistles, etc are prohibited, as are all props, signs, banners, or any other visual graphics which might be used to taunt the opposing team or otherwise create an overly-competitive environment.  While such items may be common at professional, international or even collegiate soccer competitions, they are not appropriate for recreational soccer matches.  Regardless of how well meaning those using them may be, such items can result in an embarrassing or humiliating feeling for the losing teams and do not promote the model of sportsmanship to which we ascribe at Charlotte Junior Soccer.

Thank you for your cooperation in making the recreational soccer experience a rewarding one for your children. 


The Board of Charlotte Junior Soccer Foundation

Note - Charlotte Junior Soccer Foundation, Inc and Mecklenburg County prohibits alcohol, illegal drugs, and weapons at any athletic field, parking lot, or adjacent areas used in our activities.  Our facilities belong to Mecklenburg County and are under the jurisdiction of the Parks & Recreation Department.  County officials regularly patrol our facilities and will enforce the rules at their discretion. Smoking and tobacco products are strongly discouraged. If you must smoke, be considerate of others, especially those with health issues (asthma) and step well away from the field and fans.