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Charlotte Junior Soccer and Oasys Sports believes that protecting your information is one of our most important responsibilities, just as important as the feature functionality we provide.  We understand the value of information and protect it the same way we protect our own information.  We employ a multi-faceted approach to securing your information. Your information remains secure because our computer systems are protected in the following ways:

State of the art hosting provides authorized only access to our servers where your information is hosted, including:

  • Hosting site that requires five levels of security to insure only the right people have access to your information.
  • Firewalls that block unauthorized access by individuals or networks or our servers.
  • Computer anti-virus protection detects and prevents viruses from our servers.

Secure transmissions ensure your information remains confidential. We utilize 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption technology to transmit information between parties. This protects data in the following ways:

  • Authentication ensures the right people and their computers are communicating.
  • Encryption scrambles data in transit so it cannot be read by any unauthorized party.
  • Data integrity verifies the information sent is not changed during the transfer process.