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 FALL 2023

FIELD CLOSURES/PRACTICE AND JK-U12 GAME CANCELLATIONS: Field closures due to weather are updated on this website by 4 PM during the week and 7:30 AM Saturday and 10 AM Sunday. Check the website before going to the fields. Fields may remain closed for an additional day after heavy rain.

For U14 and U18: Practice-use the CJ website; Games-check the MARS website

For any games that are cancelled due to weather:  to reschedule, contact the opposing coach, agree on a date (Sundays work the best for most divisions), then email CJ HQ to schedule a field and request referees.


FALL REGISTRATION: fall online registration opens June 1 and ends August 1, 2023. Online registration is now closed (August 15). We have room in some divisions so please email with your child's grade level to inquire re registration.

Email with any questions. 


TEAM ASSIGNMENTS: CJ Division Coordinators organize the rosters. Please keep the following in mind when you register:

Some teams are over-subscribed (too many requests) so your child may not get their first or even second choice.  Please keep this in mind during registration and prepare both youself  and your child appropriately. 

*Late sign ups are placed on a space available basis. If there is room on a requested team, we will try to place your child on that team. If we cannot find a suitable spot, CJ will issue a refund.

* Do not approach the coach to get a spot on a team. 

Roster size is based on age as outlined in the chart below showing the relationship between players on the field during a game and number of players on a team. 

* Players can be added to a team only by going through CJ HQ so they are properly registered and don't jump over any waitlisted players.

PLEASE VOLUNTEER TO COACH!!!!!! You can click to volunteer during registration. 



 - must be scheduled or rescheduled through CJ HQ and the Division Coordinator

 - only on CJ designated fields


All CJ registered players/teams are required to wear the jerseys issued by CJ to be eligible to play in a game.  Shin guards are mandatory and must be completely covered by the sock. See Rules of Play for more detailed information/exceptions re goalkeepers and jewelry.

Fall 2023 Calendar

June 1 -August 1, 2023: Fall Online Registration

August: CJ spends most of this month organizing the players into teams, lining up coaches, organizing the practice schedule, and creating game schedules. Coach volunteers will be contacted by Division Coordinators (DC). Once rosters are complete within a division, the DC emails rosters to coaches who then begin contacting their players, usually the last week to 10 days of August.

August 26-Sept 8: Equipment and uniform handout to coaches/official team representatives (not individuals) at Tom Sykes Rec Center, Dilworth Elementary campus. Date and time information will be given to coaches by the DC.

August 26 & 27: Coaching clinics for JK/U5 and K/U6 at Dilworth Elementary Field # 5. Come on day that works with your schedule. Equipment and uniform handout for JK and K coaches/team representatives at Tom Syke Rec Center Garden Area/Dilworth Elem campus. Time TBD. 

September 2023: Fall season begins. Scrimmages and early games for some divisions 9/9/23.

September 16-17: 1st Official Games for ALL divisions

November 18-19 Last weekend of the fall season

January 1-February 1: Spring '24 Registration

March-May: Spring '24 season

Game Field Assignments for Fall '23

JK Boys - Alexander St Park              JK Girls - Independence Park

K Boys and K Girls -  Veterans Park

Boys Div 1/U8: Dilworth 4 & 5, Independence, Pearl U8           Girls Div 1/U8:  Dilworth 1 & 2, Midwood, Independence

Boys and Girls Div 2/U10: Freedom, Bryant

Girls Div 3/U12: Pearl St, EB Moore          Boys Div 3/U12: EB Moore, Pearl St, Freedom 4

Div 4/U14 and Div 5/U18 Home Fields: Nevin 1 & 2, Clanton 1 & 2, Revolution, Tuckaseegee, Alexander, Randolph, Dilworth, Southside 1 & 2

Note: field size and goal size differ between age groups and that dictates where each division plays their games. Some fields are set up to handle games for multiple age groups (Alexander, Independence) but most are set up for a single age group. Practices can usually take place on any field, regardless of age.

General Policies

1. Be civil and polite to EVERYONE, including the referees, the opposing players, and especially the County Deputies at Freedom Park.

2. Club OR Recreation-you cannot play both; some exceptions in the U18 division. Email CJ HQ with any questions.

3. 24 hour "cool down" period. Good rule of thumb: Do not approach a coach, player, official, or parent at the field immediately after a game. 

Thank you!

More information re: CJ Registration and Team Formation

Coaches: Please volunteer to coach your child's team!

* We can succeed only if we have both fields AND lead coaches for our players.

* Team creation and placement are totally dependent on Parent Volunteers to coach. 

* CJ provides the team equipment (balls. cones, pinnies), practice field, and game schedule for all coaches and teams.

* Pre-season coaching clinics, coaching manuals, and side-by-side coaching support at practices are provided free to all teams by our Director of Coaching, Bryan Mogford. 

Caps on Divisions:

* Divisions will be capped when they exceed field and volunteer capabilities; priority on wait list given to parents who sign up to lead a team as coach.

* Those players registered after the August 1 deadline or after the division cap is reached are automatically put on the Waitlist. We will make all attempts to place every child that signs up to play.

* If we are unable to secure a parent or parents to coach a team, that team will unfortunately be disbanded and families will receive a full refund. 

Roster Sizes:

* Roster sizes will be based on age as outlined in the chart below. Any exceptions will be extremely limited and at the sole discretion of each Division Coordinator. No one benefits from oversized rosters. 

Team Assignments:

* Team rosters and coach assignments are done by the CJ Division Coordinator (DC). Coaches do not put teams together. The CJ DC manages the entire division as fairly as possible.

* Please do not approach the coach directly to get a spot on a team. This puts him/her in a very awkward position since he/she has no control over team formation. 

* Some teams are over-subscribed (too many requests) so your child may not get their first or even second choice.  Please keep this in mind during registration and prepare your child appropriately. 

Roster Size/Players on Field:




U5 - JK



U6 - K



U7/U8 -1st/2nd



U10 - 3rd & 4th



U12 - 5th & 6th 



U14 - 7th-& 8th



U18 - 9th - 12th




Questions? Email





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